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Announcing EZsub Service

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016 02:38PM MST
We are happy to now offer AHACPA's EZsub Service, an innovative solution for HUD's Multifamily Electronic Submission Process. AHACPA has been testing EZsub for the past year. We have processed over 500 submissions using EZsub. This new service debuted at our annual Multifamily Conference in December. We are now offering it publicly to you.
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Benefits of AHACPA's EZsub Service


Using AHACPA’s new EZsub service will save you time. You can enter your financial information directly into the EZsub Excel template or map the data from another spreadsheet. Regardless of your method of data entry, there will be no more struggling with HUD’s Multifamily Financial Assessment Subsystem (FASSUB) sluggishness and outages. You just fill out the EZsub Excel template and send it to AHACPA. AHACPA will upload your data using the EZsub proprietary software. We will run the program at night. Since fewer people are on the system at night, submissions can be processed more efficiently. Your submission is entered while you rest! After AHACPA has processed your EZsub template, you just log into HUD's FASSUB, review the submission, make any necessary changes and finalize.


The AHACPA EZsub Excel template has multiple error checking methods. Comments/errors pop up as you enter the data. When you have entered all data just click on the “check errors” button and any outstanding errors are listed. The EZsub Excel template checks for all of the FASSUB business rules, required accounts, required subordinate accounts, required subtotals, additional details (when necessary), proper date formats, correct number formats, it informs you when an account is off and by how much, and more!


The FASSUB system has 11 main data entry pages and 60+ details pages. Moving from one page to the next requires saving your information, going back to the previous page, and then moving to the next page. When validating your submission and clearing the errors it can be particularly time consuming and frustrating. Each of those steps means you have to wait for the page to load. During peak usage times this process is especially laborious.

The AHACPA EZsub Excel template has all of the accounts from the 11 main FASSUB pages on one single worksheet. Another worksheet has all of the details. Unlike the FASSUB system, there is no saving and waiting for the next step to load. [Although we do recommend you save frequently]. Hyperlinks are contained throughout the EZsub Excel template to aid in quickly navigating to and from the details.


It can be costly paying staff to wrestle with the ins & outs of HUD’s system. AHACPA’s fee for the EZsub service is just $150 per submission. Save your money and time. Give AHACPA EZsub service a try today.


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